This Circular stipulates the provision, receipt, review, announcement and management on information of construction operation capability in the following areas:

-Formulate work construction investment project;
-Management of work construction investment project;
-Construction planning design;
-Verification of work construction design;
-Specialized laboratory construction;
-Laboratory building trades;
-Monitoring quality of construction works;
-Check and examine quality of construction works;
-Survey, design and work construction.

Accordingly, organizations, individuals involving construction activities need to publish information on construction capability shall submit registration form, registration file of information disclosure and registration form of capability record to the provided clue agencies for reviewing and publish on the electronic website of such clue agencies.

Vietnam publicizes information of construction operation capability: the clue agencies to receive information

The Circular also specifies that the Construction Activities Management Agency – Ministry of Construction receives registration of announcing information from construction organizations operating directly under the Ministry of Construction; organizations managed by the State Capital Investment Corporation; construction organizations directly under the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Defense to participate in the construction works of non-security and defense sector; organizations operating under certificates of investment; construction organizations managed and established by research institutes, universities, and career associations; construction organizations established in Vietnam with 100% foreign capital; construction organizations operating overseas participate in announcing capability in Vietnam.

The clue agencies under Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development receive information registration from organizations operating under their direct managing ministries.

Department of Construction is the clue agency to receive information registration from construction organizations who have been granted business registration certificates at Division of Business Registration – Department of Planning and Investment in local and individuals who are granted Practicing Certificate by Department of Construction.

Vietnam publicizes information of construction operation capability: announce information in 30 working days

Within 30 working days from the date of receipt of complete and valid information about construction operation capability from organizations and individuals, the clue agency is responsible for publishing information on its managing website and confirms in writing sending to the organizations, individuals.

Vietnam publicizes information of construction operation capability: other regulations

After the publication of information on electronic website, within 7 working days, the clue agencies shall send report and file to the clue agency of Ministry of Construction to manage, integrate public information on the capability of construction organizations and individuals website of the Ministry of Construction.

Information at on construction operation capability of organizations and individuals shall be considered as a basis to select organizations, individuals involved in construction activities.

In addition, once every 12 months or within 10 working days, counting from the date of any changes or adjustment of published records, organizations and individuals shall be responsible for providing adjusted information by writing attached data file to the clue agency …

Vietnam publicizes information of construction operation capability: definition of information of construction operation capability

- Information on construction operation capability for organizations is information on businesses address, headquarters address; legal representative; establishing decision; Certificate of business registration; charter capital; number of officers, employees chairing subjects of the organization; quality management system; some typical work by type, scale has been done, form of participation, job done, reward form.

- Information on construction operation capability for individuals is general information of individuals as name and surname, year of birth, permanent address; information on qualification, practicing certificate, the number of experienced years in the field of construction activities, typical projects have been implementing.

Vietnam publicizes information of construction operation capability: validity of the Circular No. 11/2014/TT-BXD

This Circular takes effect from October 10, 2014 and replaces Decision No. 02/2008/QD-BXD providing information management of capability of the construction institutions through electronic information page of Ministry of Construction.

Number 11
Symbol 2014/TT-BXD
Issue date 25/8/2014
Effective date 10/10/2014
Expired Date null
Signer Trinh Dinh Dung
Descriptions Circular No. 11/2014/TT-BXD dated August 25, 2014, on publishing information on construction capability of entities engaged in construction
Office Ministry of Construction
Type of Document Circular
Field Coustruction Activities